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Crystal Clear Tape

2.2 mil biaxial oriented polypropylene film, and coated with a solvent based acrylic adhesive. It’s extremely strong ,ultra transparent and tape is non-yellowing and UV resistant with a long shelf life also recommended for light duty packaging or general office applications.

The tape unwinds easily and silently. Crystal Clear tape is durable, water-resistant material. The acrylic adhesive is acid-free and sticks strongly to all dust free surfaces.

Product Description

Product Benefit:

  • used for lamination and in cold temperature applications
  • Carton sealing
  • BOPP Film
  • Strong and ultra-transparent
  • Great for wrapping, securing and repairing
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Easy and silent to unwind
  • Non yellowing
Model Size Micron Core size Pack
s-1010 2”× 40 / 60/100 yds 50 3 mm 1×36


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