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Double Side Foam Tape

Foam and sponge that has adhesive applied to both sides, primarily used for permanent bonding and mounting applications.

Foam tape is one of many varieties of specialty tapes used in various applications, including home improvement and health care. The tape is made of a material such as polyethylene or a related material that is tacky on one or both sides. Foam tape is especially helpful in situations such as sealing and weather-stripping.

Foam tapes  provides double coated polyethylene foam products for use as a mounting tape (used to permanently or temporarily bond two surfaces, typically textured, together) or with specially formulated adhesives for use as glazing tape.

Product Description

Product Benefit:

  • Choose 1mm or 2mm thick
  • High tack
  • High initial grab
  • Custom widths available to order
  • A white tape
  • Very economical double sided tape
Model Size Micron Core size Pack
s-1021 2/1” x 24mm 3 mm 1×44


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