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Duck Tape

Flame Retardant Cloth Duct Tape is a specialty grade duct tape has excellent flexibility used in the aerospace industry to seam, seal, and repair cargo compartment liners, and cover pins and rivets. Adheres well to steel, fiberglass, and plastic. Very good adaptability. Can handle easily against the harsh environment and complicated materials Also used in the HVAC industry where federal, state and local building codes require a flame retardant cloth duct tape and in automotive and OEM markets.

After treated the surface of the fabric by water, generating high-intensive tensile strength, abrasion resistance and water resistance;

Mixed with natural rubber to make strong adhesion. Coated on the waterproof, so that the tape has a very high fracture resistance and paste strength;

It has excellent conformability; resists curling, is hand tear able, and will not support flame spread.

Stored in a clean dry warehouse, temperature 5 -30 , storage period of one year, to avoid organic solvents, sharp objects mixed storage mixed transportation, no rolling, tossing.

Product Description

Product Benefit:

  • Pipe wrapping
  • Heavy objects, stack storage, bundling fixed
  • Carton packaging for small-size but heavy products
  • Oil resistant
  • For sealing floor space template and hollow joint waterproof processing..
  • High adhesion
Model Size Micron Core size Pack
s-1017 2”× 10/20  yds 180-300 3 mm 1×24


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