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PVC Insulation Tape

premium grade PVC electrical insulation tape, It has been designed for all primary electrical insulation where a recognized international approval is required and where environmental safety is a concern.

strength, tear easily, roll easily, resistant high voltage, flame retardancy and good weather resistance.

Used as colour coding for identification or for insulation of electrical wires and cables. Applied on the phases of cables, on data and telecommunication cables, as well as on water and gas pipes. It is also used for the wrapping and colour coding of harnesses.

Product Description

Product Benefit:

  • Automobile harness & wire
  • high-tensile, smell-less
  • Easy to apply
  • Electrical wire
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent viscosity
  • Electronic Industries
  • Flexibility with strong retract ability
  • Non-deteriorating
  • Material PVC, adhesive rubber
  • High voltage resistance
  • UL listed, CE & CSA certified
Model Size Micron Core size Pack
s-1022 1” x 24mm        – 3 mm 1×144


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