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PVC Pipe Wrapping Tape

Mild surroundings between -100C – 800C, for wrapping and protection of all kinds of tubes.

Properties include  high cohesive force, acid proof, corrosion resistant, water proof, good sealing .

This tape features as stabilized, plasticized PVC film coated with non-corrosive, and highly conformable.

It has strong adhesion to metals and plastic and underground construction application.

Product Description

Product Benefits:

  • Film
  • Long lasting
  • good film, can provide any PVC film with
  • with glue, normal, shinny, special shinny
  • and matte
  • Durable
  • oil glue, high adhesion
  • label & brand
  • Strong
  • any label, any brand , can be made as per
  • any request
  • Certificate:
  • ROHS
Model Size Micron Core size Pack
s-1024 2” x 48mm        – 3 mm 1×24


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